BSi Steel dusi2c 2016

6 June 2016

Hi all BSi Steel dusi2c 2016 riders,

If you know what is good for you, you will read these final instructions, because all this information is going to be important for you. They are designed for you to be on top of your game. Hopefully you have invested time and energy to ride for 2 days so it would be really wise spend a few minutes focusing on this.

As the excitement builds with two days to go there is some important info that you may need.


The BSi STEEL dusi2c has always been focused heavily on the riding experience and this year is no different. Please ensure that you have the latest routes downloaded on your GPS units. These were sent to you in Monday’s newsletter. If for some reason you didn’t receive the newsletter, please email for assistance or if you have any other GPS related problems.


  • Registration at Natal Canoe Club House at Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg on the Friday 10th June 2016 11 noon to 6pm.
  • Race briefing: Natal Canoe Club House at Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg on the Friday 10th June 2016 at 5pm
  • Day 1: Saturday 11 June 2016. Start at 8am batches of 50 teams @ 10 minute intervals & finish at Mfula Store. 
  • Day 2: Sunday 12 June 2016. Start Mfula Store at 7am batches of 50 teams @ 10 minute intervals & finish at Blue Lagoon in Durban.


In an effort to reduce congestion on the race route, we will be seeding all teams for the start each day. Seeding for day 2 will be based on your overall position. The difficulty for us as organizers is to seed everyone as accurately as possible for day 1. Due to the fact that there is no real national seeding available, we will base our seeding calculations on recent events and / or last KAP sani2c results. Obviously, it is in everyone’s interest to be seeded correctly on day 1.  Batches are available on our website. If you have any seeding queries, please see Judy and Sandra at registration.


Day 1:

All teams will be seeded prior to the event (see above). Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10-minute intervals; Batch A starting at 8h00.

Day 2:

Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10-minute intervals; Batch A starting at 7h00. (See all batch start times listed below.) Both team members to check in together with the batch pound marshals. This must happen at least 15 minutes prior to their advertised start time. Any team jumping to an earlier batch will be given a three-hour penalty. Scanning mats on the start line will record your official start time and pickup any discrepancies.


The batch starting times are detailed herewith.


Day 1

Day 2


























Each rider will find their number board in their black box at registration. Your timing chip will be in your number board. Do not cut or punch additional holes into your number board as you may damage the electronic filaments needed to time you. Please verify that your timing chip is functional and has your correct details by getting a scanned check at registration.

When you cross the finish line please confirm with the time keepers that they have picked up your number. Day 1 batch stickers will be found on your number boards. Day 2 will have no Batch stickers. You will be required to hand your number board in at the finish in Blue Lagoon, Durban.


Please may those who are getting their vehicles shuttled by Maritzburg College have their cars there by 7 am on Saturday 16th June 2016.

CSA – Cycling South Africa membership

We are a CSA sanctioned event and all our riders except internationals require a CSA license to ride. If you have not already purchased a license you will need to do so at registration.


Only race issued black boxes will be loaded on trucks to be transported to race villages. There will be a separate truck travelling from registration directly to Durban with bike boxes and any other kit you will not require during the event. Please ensure that you load any unwanted kit into this truck that will be at the registration and start venue on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Black boxes will need to be handed back at the finish on Sunday at Blue Lagoon where your box will be exchanged for your finishers t-shirt.


Why a cut-off policy? We have an incredible backup support crew who will look after you in day light hours. You will need to be in before dark each night and if you are not this impacts them and us as we spend too much time looking after the unfit and underprepared versus the majority of our riders.

The BSi STEEL dusi2c, like the Comrades or Two Ocean’s marathon is an event and it is about achieving something. It is not a bike tour. Only finishers of both days will get the finishers T shirt in Durban. However we think we are very nice people and we want everyone to finish. But when it comes to very lenient cut off policy we will have no exceptions as we bring in the honor of riding your bike from Pietermaritzburg to the C.

We will have a cut off at the last water point of each day and one at the finish at 5pm. The cut-off‘s are very achievable and will be announced at race briefing.


We will stage a prize giving at the race village on day 1. Stage winners and overall category leaders should be present at the daily awards ceremony. The final prize giving will be held at Blue lagoon at 12h00 or 1 hour after the last prize winner is in.

  • Day 1: 18h00
  • Day 2: Sunday 12 June 2016. Blue Lagoon in Durban. 12H00 or 1 hour after the last prize winner are in.

Stage winner’s dignitaries and overall category leaders should be present at the daily awards ceremony. Please meet at the stage area and report to the MC 15 minutes before the scheduled start of prize giving and race briefing (see schedule below).


This year once again Kingfisher Canoe Club has allowed us to finish as their Club House. Kingfisher Canoe Club has kindly opened their Club House for us. This has shower, toilet and bar facilities. There will also be a light lunch available for sale.

You will find your black box stacked in the parking lot directly behind the Club House. Unpack your items and hand in your black box and you will receive your finishers T-shirt.

Please note there is unfortunately no bike wash at the finish.


Supporters/camper van drivers/moms/dads/uncles/private masseurs/bag carriers/little guys etc. are not allowed to enter the Mfula Store Race village. We simple do not have space available to accommodate any of these wonderful people.  Supporters and seconders will not be allowed to cross the Marion Foley bridge. Should they wish to see you at the finish at Mfula Store they will be required to travel down to Mfula Store via The Rob Roy Hotel. i.e. from the Durban side.

From Durban, Hillcrest:

·         Head out of Hillcrest on Old Main road towards Botha's Hill;

·         Turn right into the Valley Trust Rd/M56;

·         After about 10km turn left at the circle at the end of the road;

·         Follow the road, which becomes dirt, for 7km;

·         The road goes up, before going down to the river. (Please drive carefully);

Co-ordinates: ??S 29° 37' 491"?E 30° 25' 098"

Supporters and seconders will not be allowed to drive across the silver pipe bridge at Mfula Store. They will have to park on the South side of the river and walk across the bridge.

Please don’t abuse our crew or security staff. They are there to enhance your experience. They have strict instruction not to allow any unaccredited persons into the race villages.
As you will experience, the BSi Steel dusi2c has a relaxed welcoming vibe throughout the 2 days. The race village crews go to great lengths to make their village special. Please do not try and get your unpaid supporters, private masseurs, mechanics etc. into the race village. We will have to unleash the wrath of Mhlope and his security men on anyone who abuses our goodwill.
While we like to have a professional but relaxed attitude, the challenge of putting on an event like this, requires controls to be in place. We know that as level headed people you will respect the few rules we do have. 
Non identified people can obviously be a security risk to all our riders. So all people in race villages will have to have identification.


The weather over this time looks good. The nights can be close to freezing so come prepared. A good proper winter sleeping bag is essential, a bed sheet, a pillow and warm PJ’s should do the trick. Don’t forget to pack your bath towel and pillow. The morning starts are also FREEZING!


A full packing list can be found on


South Africa was designed for tubeless tyres. This message is especially for our new to MTBing riders. You can only run tubes if you want a miserable journey to the C. Please ensure that you are tubeless or have tubeless conversion done by your bike shop before you leave home.


Remember to I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) your phone and save this number to your phone now as the dusi2c emergency contact Roger Mann: +27 (0)83 634 4367.


We will be using the mySOS app to assist with emergencies. For all the steps and how to download visit our website.


Don’t forget to enter the Buffalo category if you and your partner each weigh 90kg or more. Head to and register as a member of the herd.

Thanks for joining us on the fourth BSi STEEL dusi2c. We are excited and ready for you all and we know the schools and communities are delighted with the opportunity to use the event to raise much needed funds.

See you all at registration, travel safe.


Kind Regards

Farmer Glen and the BSi dusi2c team

Glen Haw

083 780 1832 Glen

082 894 7336 Mandy

072 946 2452 Tamika

083 533 4976 Judy


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