BSi Steel dusi2c 2016


1 June 2016

To the BSi Steel dusi2c riders,

With less than 2 weeks to go before dusi2c 2016 things are getting real! We rode the route this weekend and were reminded once again how blessed we are to be able to ride in such spectacular areas of our country.  There will be some technically challenging sections so make sure you have had a little practice before the start at Camps Drift. We like to keep the route raw and real which adds even more enjoyment and challenges to the journey. Below you will find more information and reminders to take note of. If there is something you need or further information you would like to know please feel free to contact our race office.

In case your riding partner has been irritating you, has not trained, has their daughter’s wedding, or has been injured, you may substitute them. For safety reasons it is important for us to know who is in the event so if you plan on riding with someone else please ensure that you have made the substitution. Online substitutions will close on Monday 6 June 2016 at 12 noon.  The website contains instructions on how to do this. Late substitutions can be done at registration.


Don’t forget to book your massage and one for your partner too if you don’t want to hear all the excuses the next day. Please get your bookings done ASAP to ensure you get your preferred time slots.  Pre-bookings close on Wednesday 8 June 2016. Contact Gill at


Adventure Physio - Claire Fuller Physiotherapy, will be providing a qualified Physiotherapy service for riders along the route. For pre-bookings and walk ins on the day (we suggest you pre-book to get a suitable time): Email Claire on



Each competitor will be issued with a 100 liter (530mm x 380mm x 440mm deep) dust/waterproof plastic luggage box. (It is the same Big Black Plastic box used at sani2c) There is ample space in the tent in which to store your luggage box. All competitors’ clothing, bike spares, energy drinks and other personal items need to be packed into this box. Each box will also be provided with a strap to secure your box once you closed it. These will be transported between each stage location. For practical reasons, no other bags and miscellaneous items will be transported by our logistics services. The idea is to keep it simple.


Collect your luggage box at registration. Thereafter load your packed luggage box onto the box truck prior to the start of the race each day.

ake certain to check that you have secured the lid with the tie down strap provided. Check it in with the Super Group trucks positioned at the registration venue. Natal Canoe Club House, Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg. The Super Group trucks will transport your black box to Mfula Store race village, where you will find it stacked in the Super group branded zone in team number order.


Although we will only transport the luggage box supplied during the race, we will transport the luggage that you do not require during the race (such as your bike box and other bags) from Pietermaritzburg directly to Blue Lagoon, Durban. You will have access to this luggage only when you arrive at the finish in Blue Lagoon, Durban. Luggage, kit and other items not required during the race should be handed to the transport manager positioned at Camps Drift registration venue, Pietermaritzburg. Please check that you load this luggage on the Super Group truck going directly to the finish in Blue Lagoon, Durban.


Maritzburg College will shuttle your cars from the start in Pietermaritzburg to the finish in Blue Lagoon, Durban. 

Should you wish to make use of this service follow these simple steps.

  • Team Leader to Login to their current entry from the dusi2c homepage
  • Click on Edit Products
  • Add the Shuttle service product to their cart
  • Accept the Disclaimer and complete all required info re vehicle etc.

Proceed to Checkout and pay via credit card only!

NOTE Shuttle service bookings are limited.


dusi2c will provide all competitors with meals during the event. These will include:

Day 1:  Lunch and a 24-hour snack/coffee/tea bar during the day. Sundowners and local entertainment at the rivers edge with a Black Label quart courtesy of BSi STEEL.  Supper will be provided in the main marquee from 6pm. Meals will be available for extended periods to accommodate those riders who get in late. If you expect to be ‘on the road’ for a particularly long time, you are welcome to make ‘padkos’ packs of sandwiches at breakfast to take with you. Packets, sliced bread, bananas and the like will be available at breakfast for this purpose.

Day 2: College breakfast served from 5am through to 8am.


If you require vegetarian meals or other special diets please log onto your entry, click on Edit Details to update requirements. Please note we cannot cater for Kosher food.


For those of you, who are anxious about being abandoned to the mercy of the vultures each day, relax. The rule of thumb is that we provide one watering station per 25km. Day 1 has two watering points and Day 2 has two watering stations. Locations of seconding tables/spectator points will be made available at the race briefing and are indicated on the maps displayed at each overnight stop.

Each watering point will serve chilled water and Coke and eats will be available. In addition to your own preferred riding snacks, we will have a great choice of tasty snacks at these tables. At the finish of each stage aQuelle will be provided to quench your thirst. In each race village you can milk the situation with Clover’s dairy selection.


You will find basins in each race village in which you can hand-wash your cycling clothes. Remember to pack some washing powder. It is advisable; however, to bring two sets cycling clothing since wet clothing may not dry overnight.



  • Warm Sleeping bag. Night temperatures of close to freezing can be experienced at Mfula Store
  • Beanie
  • Warm PJ’s
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Torch / headlight. There is minimal lighting on the river’s edge.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Sun block
  • Mosquito Repellent.
  • Tabard as a Tick repellant on your lower legs
  • Bathing suit
  • Casual clothes
  • Hard soled slops / sandals for in the race village (lots of thorns in the Mfula Store race village)
  • Camera
  • Earplugs
  • Washing powder


Please do not bring valuables to the race. Get away from your expensive Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone. Bring an old cheap phone. We cannot take responsibility for valuables lost during the course of the event. Your race-issued luggage box is the only item that we will transport for you between stage locations. You therefore need to fit all your personal belongings required during the race into this box (including your sleeping bag/sheets). Forget the hairdryer.

If you do need to bring those expensive items with you (iPad, iPod and iPhone), rather than putting them in your black boxes hand them in to the Race office ladies. Please make sure they are well labeled and then collect them at the next stop.


Please bring a cheap phone to dusi2c. Wrap this in a zip lock plastic or a water proof bag. You will have many bridge crossings over water. Please remember to I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) your phone and enter the emergency contact details listed under “health and safety information” later.


Foil survival blanket, three first aid dressings, five adhesive first aid plasters.


These need to have a capacity of at least 2 litres.


Please bring your own torch or headlamp as there is minimal lighting in the camping areas. In addition, you will wake in the dark.



It should go without saying that your bike should be in perfect working order at the start of dusi2c – but we are saying it anyway for the sake of absolute clarity. It will be subjected to severe riding conditions and we recommend that you replace any old parts that may not survive 150km. Please select tubeless tyres that are suitable for harsh conditions. Seriously steep descents, jagged rocks and many tough thorns will be encountered. The use of tubeless tyres is strongly recommended. Please top up your slime in your tyres. The Umngeni Valley, Valley of 1000 hills or valley of 1000 thorns.


  • GPS marked with your name & cell #, preferably engraved with your name & cell #. With route already downloaded available on line on 6th June 2016. (Compulsory 1 per team)
  • GPS charger. Marked with name and Cell #
  • GPS charger adaptor. Marked with name and cell #
  • Combination bike cable lock or similar. To lock bikes together in the electric fenced Bike Park. (See below)
  • Credit card. Please carry this on you at all times. In case of an emergency for helicopter, hospital etc. We don’t want you waiting unnecessarily for medical help because of medical authorization.
  • Helmet
  • 2 sets of cycling shorts and tops
  • Wind breaker
  • Gloves
  • Sun glasses
  • 2 sets of cycling socks
  • Cycling shoes
  • Hydration pack with space for spares, cell phone and credit card in zip lock,
  • Favorite energy bars, gels and snacks, nuts etc. NB Mark all your packets with your name and race number. (See Littering policy)
  • Slime/Stan’s, bomb and adaptor, patch kit,
  • Gators, pump
  • Brake pads, drop out, chain, links, pins, ( bike specific)
  • Cable ties, duct tape
  • Lube (squirt) Please supply your own lube. We cannot have lube for all at the seconding tables.

GPS navigation

dusi2c will move away from the traditional way of marking mountain bike routes and use GPS navigation. We have done this to prevent competitors from getting lost. Many areas through which we will be riding are heavily populated and from experience we have learnt that children love removing or worse, moving markers. Navigation via GPS is very accurate and your unit will alarm you as soon as you are off the race route. It is also very easy to find your way back onto the route. Not only this, but navigating your way through a route gives one a whole new sense of achievement which is not  experience with the old traditional method of merely following markers.

It is mandatory that each team has at least 1 GPS unit to share. It is compulsory to use a GPS, the route is not marked, not indicated nor marshaled so without one, you will get utterly lost on your own. The only way you can follow the route is by using a GPS unit with the very precise route map of the dusi2c route.

By using a GPS there is little chance of getting lost, and the additional information that appears on the screen means you don’t even have to hesitate when you come to an intersection or crossroads. Your performance on the trails will be exactly the same as if you were following physical course markers, with the added benefit that you are unlikely to take a wrong turn, and you will never get (totally) lost, unlike if you were following a marked course.

GPS Easy as 1, 2,3.

  • To those of you who have not yet realized dusi2c will be GPS marked only. We have moved away from the traditional way of marking mountain bike routes. Sorry, you will be a fast learner and amaze and surprise yourself.  
  • Routes will available to download from various sites from 6 June 2016.
  • You don’t need to know anything about orienteering, nor need you to be an expert on GPSs. The only thing you do need to ensure is that when you look at your screen - you are the arrow and the race course is a fat line. As long as you keep the arrow on the line, then you are on course.
  • You are free to use any make of GPS.
  • EasyGIS will be at dusi2c to offer support for all GPS makes and models.
  • For any GPS advise contact EasyGIS. Email They are also retail experts on GPS. To see their offering visit

We recommend that all entrants become fully acquainted with their GPS units and settings prior to the race. It is a very, very bad idea to learn your GPS fundamentals during the race.


There will be a Talisman bike wash area in the race village at Mfula Store. You will have to clean your bike properly if it requires a service. No dirty bikes will be serviced. There is no bike wash at the finish.


We offer the facility of a storage area or ‘bike park’ with 24 hour staffed security. Your bike must be stored here after you have washed and serviced it. Do not keep it at your tent. It is strongly advised to bring a bike cable and combination lock for additional security for your bike overnight. Despite our best efforts to safeguard your property, the race cannot be held responsible for any loss of bikes, components or accessories. The bike park is not undercover so bikes will get wet in the event of rain and there is no bike park in Blue Lagoon, Durban. Please make your own arrangements here.

We recommend the following:

  • Ensure that you do not leave you bike unattended at any time during dusi2c.
  • On completing Day1 wash your bike yourself at the Talisman bike wash.
  • Remove GPS unit etc. from your bike.
  • Wheel and rack your bike yourself at the electric fenced 24 hr. Security guarded bike pound.
  • Lock your bike together with your team mates and others around you with your own strong bike cable lock.
  • Collect your bike from the bike pound only after you have had breakfast and done your morning ablutions and are about to start. Remember to be at your start 15 minutes before your batch start time.
  • Never leave your bike unattended.


Although, we have the full support of all the communities through which we are passing and have no reason to be concerned over your security it is important to remember that we are none the less still in South Africa. Please be aware and use common sense.

It is important that both team members stick together at all times and preferably ride as a group. It is your responsibility to ensure that you stay with your team mate at all times. Should he/she be in trouble, you should contact the necessary backup and leave him/her only with the express permission of the Race Director.

Riding in each batch will be a team from the SAP mountain bike club.  Supporting them will be SAP personnel from their motorcycle and equestrian units. The event will also have our own motor cycle backup team spread through the field of riders. They will all be travelling along the race route. Should you suspect or have any incident please report this to one of them or to the many community marshals employed along the race route. Please always make a mental note of the exact km reading/distance at the position of any incident. 

The necessary resources will be deployed to investigate and act decisively should an unlikely incident be reported.


Many of the areas through which you will be riding are very remote and to evacuate you from some of these areas would pose a logistical challenge. We appeal to you therefore to ride in a responsible manner. In many cases the single track follows the river through the bush for long distances and often there is no clearing for a helicopter. The only option at this point is stretcher-bearers who would have to hike for a long while to reach you. Please do not put yourself or others at risk by being reckless!



A cell phone must be carried with you at all times during the race. Limited facilities are available in the race villages for the charging of mobile phones. Please keep your phone off to conserve battery life.

Please I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) your phone and turn off the pin code feature so that medical personnel can access your I.C.E. details quickly. This means entering the telephone details of your ‘nearest and dearest’ and saving it under the name ‘I.C.E.’. This is critical and will enable us to contact the relevant party in case of an accident. Paramedics will turn to your cell phone for information required regarding medical history and identity. Be sure that your I.C.E. contact knows all crucial medical facts about you. This is not just dusi2c policy but it is also a procedure universally adopted by emergency services.


Each competitor will be issued with a ID band at registration. This has emergency contact numbers listed. Please also add to your phonebook the following dusi2c emergency contact numbers:

  • Medical - Roger 082 714 4796
  • Competitor’s liaison - Mandy 082 894 7336
  • Race director - Glen 083 780 1832


Evacuation plans will be in place to evacuate competitors from remote areas should this be necessary. All medical costs incurred will be claimed for from your medical aid. This may include evacuation costs, transport to and from hospital for X-rays etc. and any other medical expense which may be incurred by you. Please carry your credit card and medical aid card on you at all times. This may be vital in case of an emergency for hospital etc.


Those of you who are familiar with the Dusi route, will know that things can get pretty rough at times. We will enforce cut off at the water tables due to the short day light hours in June we have limited time to complete the stages. For safety reasons we have to enforce a cut off time to ensure no one is riding out there in the dark. Should you not make it through the water tables you will be pulled from the course and driven through to the finish of the day. You will be permitted to start the next day but will be listed as a DNF on the results.

Cut off times are:

Day 1:

  • 1st water table 25km - 11h30
  • 2nd water table 50km -14h00

Day 2:

  • 1st water table 25km - 10h30
  • 2nd water table 50km -13h00


Although you may see the cows drinking the water out of the river it is strongly recommended that you do not do the same. As clean as it may appear they not suitable for drinking. Clean chilled drinking water will be provided in the race village.


dusi2c has permission for access to the property it traverses during the days of the race only. Although most landowners are very cooperative, it takes just one individual to upset a landowner and so jeopardize the future of the event. We encourage competitors to show all landowners, farmers and locals their appreciation by greeting them with courtesy during the event.


We respectfully request all participants in dusi2c to refrain from tipping or handing out sweets or the likes on the route. This leads to all sorts of problems for us.

Tipping crew in the race village or locals adjacent to the race village is also not allowed. All crew are paid for their services. Tipping crew to carry boxes, wash bikes etc. causes untold problems for management and the general running of the race village. Should you wish to tip please contact the race office post event and we will ensure that things are fairly distributed.    


We are really trying to clean up our act here.  During the dry run this weekend we were appalled by the litter all along the race route and I know you will be too come the weekend of the 11th and 12th June. Please be aware of this and do not add to the litter in the valley by throwing down your GU or Jelly Baby packets.

Till then, good luck with the preparations and most importantly get on that bike and keep those peddles turning.

Kind Regards

Farmer Glen and the BSi dusi2c team

Glen Haw

083 780 1832 Glen

082 894 7336 Mandy

072 946 2452 Tamika

083 533 4976 Judy


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