9 - 11 June 2017



Those of you who are familiar with the Dusi route will know that it is pretty inaccessible and tough terrain. Should you be under prepared and not have recovered after day 1 the second day can become a night mare. Due to the short day light hours in June we have limited time to complete the stages. For safety reasons we have to enforce a cut off time to ensure no one is riding in the dark. So be warned we will have some burly farmers with shot guns culling you from the route. To help prevent you from falling prey to our farmers we have enlisted the help of one of our most supportive and an experienced veteran to mountain biking, Andrew MacLean together with Fittrack they have designed a number of training programmes to get you happily to the finish of dusi2c.


Together with Andrew MacLean and Fittrack we want you to achieve great things in 2016. We would like have you all in show room condition come registration day in June. We all know that under prepared feeling whilst sitting on the start line, where you feel awkward and heavy and everyone around you looks lean and mean. The good news is that this does not have to be the case for 2016. There is still time to get yourself lean and mean and into the shape of your life.

The 8 week plan for dusi2c are now available.

Please click here to get the Fittrack dusi2c training plans. Andrew has put together various training programs to suit everyone, no matter what your goal may be.