9 - 11 June 2017



dusi2c uses full GPS navigation, however important turns will still be marked ensuring everyone gets to the finish safely. GPS navigation has been tried and tested in joBerg2c, sani2c and dusi2c over the last few years. It has proved to be the way forward from an environmental and sense of adventure point of view and it is very simple too!

The GPS files will become available closer to the event, usually a week or two before and will be emailed out to each and every entrant. Our GPS gurus from EasyBike work flat out leading up to the event and the files will only become available when they are 100% ready. There is no need to panic you will have plenty of time to upload the files onto your GPS. One day we will tell you what happens behind the scenes over a beer but for now it is time to get downloading and uploading.

GPS has been incredible over the past two years and there is nothing to fear. It seems daunting to some but once your routes are on your unit all you have to do is ride and follow the bread crumb trail.

There are two ways to upload routes to your device:

  • The EasyBike Special Program to make your GPS uploading a doddle, which is automated (Windows users only for now)
  • The Dropbox GPS files for manual use (All other users)

1. EasyBike GPS Programme (Windows users only)

EasyBike, to make life easier for both the expert and the novice GPS enthusiasts, are pleased to announce a new GPS program that they have developed that is available to all riders. This will either assist you in loading your GPS without having to do much or direct you to our GPS Guru’s website for further assistance and instructions on how to load your GPS.

The download will be available directly from the newsletter to your computer and all you have to do is follow the simple on screen instructions. Once the download is complete install and run the programme. This will load the files onto your GPS for you. This is ground breaking technology.

2. Drop Box File Download (All other users)

For those of you who are looking to download the files yourself and don’t require any assistance the DropBox links will be available from the newsletter.

Make sure you have the correct file format (GPX, FIT or TCX) for your GPS. If you download the wrong files you might not get all the added features that are available for your GPS. (Eg: Waterpoints, Virtual Partner etc) and it may not work.

Still Need Assistance?

If you require some additional help you can proceed to the EasyBike website for instructions and assistance, if you choose to upload yourself. Click Here

If you have a different brand of GPS, or you are unsure if it is supported or you require any further help, contact EasyBike and they will be more than happy to assist you. Email sales@easybike.co.za

Need to buy a GPS with files uploaded?

If you don’t have a GPS yet, or you are looking to pick one up at a good price, we have once again teamed up with EasyBike (Our GPS Guru’s) and they have some amazing offers available on Polar, Suunto, Garmin, Powertap GPS units.

Buy now from EasyBike and collect at registration preloaded and ready to use for the Race. Contact them to find out more on sales@easybike.co.za or visit their website for more info details. www.easybike.co.za. Quote Sani2c when placing an order with them. They will also be available during the event if you require any spares for your GPS or technical assistance or perhaps if you would like to buy an upgrade or stop past for a chat.

We have joined forces with EasyBike who are our GPS information and support gurus. They will be able to answer questions leading up to the event, at registration and during the event. If you have any questions, you can also email them directly on sales@easybike.co.za

They are also retail experts on GPS. To see their offering visit www.easybike.co.za.

What type of GPS do I need?

Any light GPS that can be mounted on a bike, upload tracks and allows you to follow these tracks.

What devices are recommended?

The list below is just a small selection of the suitable GPS navigation devices available. To find out if your GPS unit is suitable, you need to establish if it can upload GPX files to follow tracks. Go online to check, there are many forums and websites about the model you will be interested in. Simply type the name of your model and the word GPX and you will find all the info you need. We are not endorsing any particular unit. You will also have to do some research to make sure you are happy.


Polar V650
Polar V800

eTrex 10, 20, 30
Oregon 400, 450, 500, 600, 650, 700, 750
Montana 600, 610, 650, 680
GPSMAP 62, 62s, 64, 64s
Fenix, Fenix 2, Fenix 3, Fenix 5
Edge 20, 25, 200, 500, 510, 520, 800, 810, 820, 1000

Rider 330
Rider 530

Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful GPS experience regardless of which device you use – we will have a generic approach to GPS so that we include all users. Our recommendation is to get your GPS device soon and practise – it is easy. If you have an issue please contact us.

Why do I need a special GPS unit and not my mobile phone?

Okay, this is a good question so follow carefully. You can theoretically use some apps on your mobile phone to link to GPS direct without requiring network signal, however, this is not optimal as there are many areas of the ride where data connection for mobile phones are non-existent.

Other reasons mobile phones are not appropriate as your main GPS device:

  • The battery on a mobile phone will run out quickly
  • The screen on a mobile phone times out to avoid the battery running out, so you need to keep activating the screen to come on which further wastes battery (and could be dangerous)
  • You will need to find a bike mount for your mobile phone, and if it rains most mobile phones are not waterproof
  • The screens are very difficult to see in the sun on most mobile phones
  • Mobile phones are not robust and if you do have a fall they could shatter unlike GPS devices which are more rugged.

The idea is to use your mobile as a backup. Take it with you in case but do not rely on it. It is not a suitable substitute for a dedicated GPS device. Your GPS device is easy to see and follow, it will stay on at all times, it uses a fraction of the battery power, and it is designed for this purpose.

When will we receive the route files to upload to our GPS devices?

We will email the final daily routes to you. These files will also be available at registration at our GPS helpdesk – our gurus will be there to assist. Try not to wait until registration to upload as you want to be comfortable with this before.

How do we upload these files?

We will send you GPX files of the final route – each device has its own software or online offering, which you will need to be familiar with in order to upload from your computer. Your device will come with all that information, however we are available to provide help on all devices. If you are struggling we will have a dedicated person to guide you through it.

Do I need to upload maps on to my device?

NO and this is a big NO. Maps are not necessary – all you need to do if follow the route on your device. Maps are difficult to follow on a small device like a bike GPS and they chow battery. You are simply tracking a route each day and most devices have a warning to let you know you are off the route. Remember with GPS you could go wrong but you will never get lost!

How does GPS work?

You will have the route for each day uploaded in your device. You will select the day and off you go. You will follow what is called the “breadcrumb” track. If you go off the track most devices let you know that you are off, in addition you will see your arrow is off the track.

Will I have enough battery life?

You should have more than enough for each day and in some cases even more. Every manufacturer is different but try go for a device that has the longest battery life. Most modern units have very good battery life.

Will there be daily charging stations?

Yes there will be charging stations

Do both riders in the team have to have GPS?

Yes, not only does this help you navigate quicker by checking each other but also safer when racing. In fact, this is especially important for the racing snakes. Having two units lets you plan ahead. One rider can have a big view of what’s coming and the other rider zooms in.

What happens if my GPS runs out of battery life or stops working and I am on route?

You will need to follow other riders and we will have our off-road rescue partners ensuring all riders get back safely.

What is stopping me from taking shorter routes?

We will be having checkpoints to ensure all riders are on track. This will also ensure we know if anyone is lost.

Can I ride the routes outside of the event?

No, unfortunately not. Most of our route is through private land and farmers will treat any other riders on their land as trespassers. They have been instructed to shoot. This will jeopardise any future events.

Which make of GPS is better?

We have tried a few makes from entry-level through to top-end and they all work well. The main thing to consider is your budget, your needs and their support level. Questions you should ask: do I want more than a GPS i.e. training, heart rate, power etc.

Can we get a GPS device on special through the event?

EasyBike will have all makes of units for sale

Will there be GPS support at the event?

We will have full GPS support from EasyBike who know their stuff during the event. Your manufacturers will have websites devoted to helping you too, visit their sites and ask loads of questions.